Being in the middle of the campus and being constructed on a steeply-graded site provided challenges from both a civil and structural engineering standpoint.  Since the building is built on the side of a hill, a concrete retaining wall was provided on the West side of the building to form the basement level.  The drainage concerns were addressed by not allowing the water to leave the site before being collected.  Careful coordination with the Client and the Owner allowed construction of the building in the center of campus to be performed with minimal disruption of daily activities for the students and faculty.

In the heart of the Belhaven campus, the new Dr. Billy Kim International Center will provide areas for seminars, gathering and also houses a kitchen for preparation of international food for such events.  Laird + Smithers not only provided structural engineering services for this project, but also civil engineering services.  The two-story steel framed building is supported by concrete drilled piers.  The floors and roof are constructed of steel bar joists. 

Belhaven International Center

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