Laird + Smithers, Inc. served as the Engineer of Record for the new three-story wood-framed dormitory.  Typical of commercial construction in the Jackson area, the foundation is constructed of a deep-foundation, in this case augercast piles, with a crawl space to allow for movement of the expansive clays in the area.  The deep foundation supports concrete grade beams, which supports steel joists and concrete on metal deck on the first floor.  Above the first floor, wood framed shear walls are used to resist lateral loads.  In addition, the wood framed walls support, prefabricated wood floor trusses at the second and third floor.  These trusses span from the exterior walls to the interior corridor walls.  At the roof level, pre-fabricated wood trusses span to the wood walls and provide the gabled profile of the roof.

At the rear of the building, an exterior walkway connects to the courtyard.  The walkway is constructed of steel framing with a concrete floor deck.  Concrete stairs lead from the finished floor elevation down to the courtyard.  Laird + Smithers also provided civil engineering services for site planning, grading, drainage and utilities.

Currently under construction, a new 50,000 square foot dormitory is being built on the campus of Belhaven University in Jackson, MS.  With the university enrollment growing, Belhaven University was in need of adding additional capacity for housing on the campus.  The new dormitory, called University Village will provide apartment-style housing for 132 students beginning in the fall semester of 2015.

Belhaven Residence Hall

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