Core Philosophy

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Our Clients not only hire us for our engineering skills, but most importantly they entrust us with managing the structural aspects of their project. Whether it is coordinating with multiple disciplines during the design phase, meeting with the Owner to discuss design options, or site meetings with the Client or Contractor, Laird + Smithers provides the leadership needed to SUCCESSFULLY complete YOUR project.

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Our goal is not to merely complete a project; it is to SUCCESSFULLY complete YOUR project. By combining innovative engineering and project management experience, Laird + Smithers serves as an excellent partner to ensure the success of your project.

Client satisfaction is our number one goal. We want to know our Client’s desires on each project – what they really want. The Client’s expectations for the project are of utmost importance to us, whether it is a design feature, budget, or schedule. All three factors are keys to providing the Owner with the building of their dreams. It is paramount for us to know the expectations, so we can do our best to exceed them.