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The first step to repairing a damaged structure is determining the problem, starting with a causal analysis. Rather than making a rushed decision, we prefer to conduct a condition assessment to determine the underlying cause of the damage. Knowing that the durability of the repair and longevity of the building is of utmost importance to the owner, it is imperative that we address the root of the problem, and not just put a Band-Aid on the cosmetic damage.

At a minimum, we examine the existing structure carefully, especially in areas where the Client is concerned. From there, we determine the information required to be gathered for each specific project. Many times, damage mapping, level surveys of the floor and out-of-plumbness measurements of walls are provided to determine the extent and magnitude of structural movements. Drawing on experience from past projects, we can form an opinion as to the cause of the problem, so that the root cause can be addressed correctly in order to provide the Owner with a safe structure for years to come.

Laird + Smithers is also experienced in assessing structural failures, due to fire, wind, flood, snow, foundation movements and design flaws. We are poised to help you analyze your situation, so you can quickly move forward and repair your structure in a safe and economical fashion.

Forensic Surveys

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