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Highland Village

Originally built in the early 1960’s, the Highland Village shopping center was a central component of the city of Jackson, being located between downtown Jackson and the largely-residential area of northeast Jackson.  As the city has grown, Highland Village has remained a mainstay in the upscale retail business in Jackson.  Only undergoing one major renovation, in the mid-1970’s, since the original construction of the buildings, Highland Village has decided the exterior look of the buildings should match the fashionable lifestyle promoted by the stores housed within the shopping center.

Providing a more open feel while providing more daylight to enter the stores was key to several renovations in which Laird + Smithers was involved.  Red Square wished to have a larger storefront, thus removing a large portion of the exterior walls.  In doing so, the structural steel supports were modified and strengthened to allow the changes.  In another two-story building, now housed by Lululemon, the second floor was removed to allow an airy feel throughout the large space while allowing light to enter the second floor windows.  A steel frame was added on the interior of the building to support the exterior walls.  Other projects around Highland Village provide better access to the second floor spaces.  New stairs and elevated walkways were added, as well as replacing an existing elevator to make the second floor ADA accessible.

As a result of this renovation, the buildings of the shopping center will be as trendy as the stores and restaurants located inside.

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