Mississippi State Capitol

In addition, new structure was provided in the attic space of the Main Dome. This structure consisted of a walkway leading from the entrance to the attic to the top the cupola. Also, a walkway was provided around the perimeter of the attic space for maintenance purposes. Due to deterioration from water intrusion, the existing lantern floor, also constructed of cindercrete, was demolished and replaced with a more traditional concrete on metal deck. The new floor construction was also used to support a new handrail system which ties the terra cotta at the cupola level and above to the main body of the structure.

The principals of Laird + Smithers, while working for a previous employer, performed a preliminary structural evaluation of the trusses above the House and Senate domes in order to provide a general assessment of the condition of the structure. In combination with the architect who was tasked with building envelope repairs, Laird + Smithers provided construction documents for demolition of original cindercrete roofs around each of the three domes which were deteriorating and in poor condition. These roofs were replaced with a more traditional concrete on metal deck construction.

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