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Featured Projects

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New Buildings

In today‚Äôs economic climate, budget is of utmost importance. We strive to minimize construction cost as well as construction schedule, while maintaining the safety and welfare of the public, in order to provide the Owner with a building to be proud of. Whether it is an office building, hospital, school, church, or other new structure, Laird + Smithers has the ability to provide quality structural engineering services from project conception to completion. We prefer to be involved early in the design process, so we collaborate with other team members in order to maximize the structural efficiency of the building by choosing the materials used and helping with the layout of the building.

Whether it is a block wall supporting wood trusses, a steel braced frame with steel floor joists, or a concrete moment frame, Laird + Smithers has experience designing the type of building needed on your project, but more importantly determining which system is right for your project.