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Featured Projects

Often times, buildings are damaged by weather, aging, soil movements or other means. Laird + Smithers has vast experience investigating these unique situations. Our services include evaluating existing structures, developing repair solutions and providing the Client with estimated construction costs for the repairs. In addition to visual observations, a variety of techniques and methods are used to determine the extent and magnitude of damage, so we can visually depict the findings to the Client. Analysis of the existing structure can be performed to determine if the existing structure is adequate to carry loads prescribed by the applicable building code.

With repair projects, not only is cost an important factor, but many times the location and types of repairs selected are important in order to avoid disturbing the building occupants. We work with the Architect, Owner and Contractor to develop repair methods that will expose the occupants to construction as little as possible. By drawing on experience gained in a wide range of previous repair projects, Laird + Smithers incorporates practical and cost-effective repair solutions in order to regain the functionality of the structure, keeping the safety of the occupants as a priority at all times.

Structural Repairs

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